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No SummerWorks Again

April 10th, 2012 1 comment

This time I was only indirectly chewing my nails and waiting for a reply. My friend and colleague was the one who sent in our combined application. Not that I did much, some light editing and suggestions, and sending over a bio/resume.

He actually got an e-mail. The last two times I applied, I did not get an e-mail. Instead, I wandered over to the SummerWorks site and scrolled down through the list of winners. For two years in a row.

Does the fact that he got an e-mail mean that this was a better application than the ones I sent in? Does it point to a general increase in respect for the way SummerWorks treats all applicants? Was it just random chance?

I don’t know. I have to wait until my collaborator gets back in town to get all the details. But until then, I’m going with the better application theory.

Censorship With a Stilletto

June 29th, 2011 No comments

We live in a democracy.

The people elect a party which presents a vision which matches the current desires of the electorate, and that party then goes forward to bring their vision into life.

So why is anyone outraged at the funding cut to SummerWorks?

The Conservative party is one that doesn’t like any inspection of or accountability for its actions. So when they decide that a major Canadian theatre festival should get a funding cut after five years of receiving money, they are fulfilling their vision. Save money. Respect taxpayers. Support “big” art. (Like Mr. Harper playing the piano and singing.)

The official party line is that there are a lot of new artistic endeavours out there, and no one should expect constant funding. Well, if a major Canadian theatre festival can’t expect constant funding, can some collective that meshed in theatre school and wants to create expect any less uncertainty?

Maybe this isn’t a case of vindictive censorship. But that’s going to be the default assumption from the Canadian arts community going forward. And I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any attempts from the current government to try and soothe those fears.

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I Hate Festival Applications!

January 31st, 2011 1 comment

I hate them. Secondary contact. Letter of Intent. Blood type. Proof of artistic merit (medal and/or reviews from theGlobe and Mail). On and on.

Place two cheques in envelope. One for reading your script, which we will cash immediately. One which you wish we’ll cash, but which we will rip up when you don’t get in.

Write your name on the first page, but then use the name “Tominy Snooks” in the footer of all other pages. Except on page 23, where you should use all italic script and enclose a recent picture of yourself.

I could go on, but I’ve got a festival application to finish.

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Homegrown @ SummerWorks

August 14th, 2010 No comments

Got together with some theatre friends to go see Theory.

If you haven’t read this yet, you should read it. It puts all the controversy around this play in perspective.

Obviously a lot of people who haven’t seen the play made comments on it. I saw it, so here are my comments.

This is a play about the Canadian justice system. It is not a play about supporting terrorism. Any criticisms you want to make about its subject matter would need to be directed towards something complex. However, it is easier to make comments about how plays shouldn’t glorify terrorism because that is easy. Everyone can agree with the second type of comments, but discussing changes in the Canadian legal system and how they might affect people doesn’t give the satisfying low research required knee jerk reaction so beloved by politicians and some of the media.

As for the play itself, it was a good first effort. It informed me. I think it needs to go to a new level if they decide to remount it somewhere. Tighten it up a bit here and there. My main problem with the current version is that there are a lot of references to people who never show up on stage. You need to refer to these people, but I would like to see them made as stronger ideas in their presentation to the audience.

It was good to see the play before I made comments on it. Why is that a hard thing to do?

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Wonderland @ SummerWorks

August 10th, 2010 No comments

A trip to the Theatre Centre today to see “Wonderland”.

The show blurb tries to describe it with words, but there really aren’t many ways to verbally describe the experience at a superb bouffon show. The best I can do is that I felt like laughing and running for the exit at the same time. Oh, and notions of privilege get challenged in new ways. But that’s intellectual experience, not gut response.

The Theatre Centre has had some renovations since I was last there. All front of house, including a cafe.

After went for supper at Tien Thanh, my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in town (so far). I felt all adventurous, so I ordered rare beef and beef tendon pho, and a durian milkshake. The tendon was surprisingly non-gross, just chewy, but not too chewy. The milkshake didn’t smell bad, but there was an interesting decay aftertaste.

Looking forward to the next show!

Theory @ SummerWorks

August 9th, 2010 No comments

Had a great day of reconnecting with theatre friends yesterday.

First I met an old stage manager of mine who is going off to National Theatre School for the directing program. She got into a very  competitive program and we chatted at the Drake Hotel for a bit before she headed off to pack and I headed off to get tickets for Theory.

Lower Ossington gets trendier every time I go there. I got my ticket and hung out at a local coffee shop until it was about time for the show to start. I went up the stairs to the lobby and saw the director I assistant directed for from New Ideas there with one of his actor entourage.

We went in, saw the show, and then the director went out with the two of us (the entourage actor had to leave) for drinks and dinner. Then the Theory director and I went back to the Lower Ossington Theatre. She came with me briefly to see the National Theater of the World show, but took off to go see some Prison Dance show upstairs.

It was quite the variety show, so much that it will merit a separate blog entry.

A grand day! Hanging out with friends, including two beautiful women, and seeing some very talented performers. Really enjoyed the changes made by the writer and director, and am looking forward to see what happens next with “Theory”. And I will definitely be returning to see another National Theatre of the World show.

Big Energy

April 2nd, 2010 No comments

There is a big energy on Yonge Street tonight. A whole bunch of Canadians enjoying warm weather after a day off work.

There is a big energy in me, too. My SummerWorks submission didn’t make it. Times past, I would have folded like an accordion. But now I’m all “Oh yeah? Then I’mma doit myself, mofos!”

Tired of letting other people dictate to me how talented I should be. And my apologies to any black people who read this entry. I was in the moment.

Summerworks Scare

March 9th, 2010 No comments

They finally cashed my $20 reading fee cheque this week.

For the longest time, I was all “They lost my script.” “The courier I used sucks.” “Fate is so cruel, where is that bag of chips?”

Now I’m all relaxed again.

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SummerWorks App all done

February 1st, 2010 No comments

Now to just write some cheques tomorrow, wrap it up in an envelope, and it’ll be good to go.

Then just a few weeks of sweating.

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