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Busy, busy

February 22nd, 2011 No comments

You know, when I’m doing creative things like directing and writing, it doesn’t seem all that bad. In fact, I make myself feel more bad than it is because my guilt doesn’t think I should be having such a good time while working.

It’s OK, I took guilt out back of the woodshed and pounded some sense into it. If it tries that sh*t again, I got the Frisbee all primed with duct tape…

On Empire Avenue

November 28th, 2010 No comments

Empire Avenue is an MMO stock market. The basic premise is, you allow it to hook into your social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) and/or hook it to your blog and it begins tracking your activity. The more activity, the more your stock price rises.

As your stock price goes up, people begin to buy your stock to increase their portfolio worth. Yes, Empire Avenue portfolio is people (or social media gurus working for a company) and you get rich buying low and selling high.

There are other carrots in this MMOSM (massively multiplayer online stock market). It uses badge achievement awards and some companies have pilot programs where you can spend some of your hard-earned Eaves (that being the name of the currency there) for discounts and other things.

But really, the main carrot is your stock price. As you get more active through the things you allowed Empire Avenue to hook onto, the more your stock rises. People buying your stock makes it rise as well, so you want to be a hot commodity if you want to win.

I’ve been busy working the social world in real life lately. This means less Twitter, less blogging, and so on. As a result, my share price has been dropping, and value-conscious investors have been selling me off.

But, I’ve gotten more rewards from doing things in real life than I ever will from a fake stock price which pays off in fake money. The geek part of me hates to lose at online things, but the artist in me wants to go out and make connexions and create.

Ultimately, this MMOSM rewards you for being a social being online. Happily, its creators have stated that peoples’ lives go in cycles, and so will their stock prices. My inner geek is now at peace with that, as my inner artist is finding projects in the real world for him to win at.

I’m not giving up Empire Avenue. But I’m also not going to give a rat’s heinie about whether my stock is winning me number-hungry investors, either.


November 14th, 2009 No comments

I hear the Internet now has these things called “Pictures”.

A slice of Monty

A slice of Monty

Why golly. It does!

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