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Interview with my Playwright

March 17th, 2011 No comments did an interview with the playwright of my show.

(Ownership of a show is so promiscuous. She calls it her show, I call it my show, the producers call it their show, the actors call it their show…)

(Oh, and “my” playwright. My vision. My audience. It’s all very communal, this theatre biz.)

Opening Night

March 17th, 2011 No comments

Phew! Opening night is over, and the show rocked! (I know, every director says that about their show.)

My cast is smart and funny, the playwright’s text moves from witty humour to deep seriousness, and the audience and tech add the final touch.

Wow! I can walk away happy now, but I’m still going to view a few more performances first.

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Tears of Joy

March 16th, 2011 No comments

The saddest and happiest time in the production process took place last night, when I gave my last notes, patted my stage manager on her arm, and told her, “You’re the boss now.”

It hurts to leave, but in reality, I’m no longer required. The actors now will take what the audience gives them and bloom. If they do that, maintain the integrity of what they and I built during rehearsals, and keep the audience in a constant state of unsafety, then I did my job properly.

Plus I do have other creative activities that I let slide a bit due to the show. I don’t just want one iron in the creative fire. 🙂 It will be nice to get back to them, but directing seems like something that is part of my creative core, so I will definitely be trying my best to return to it.

The audience last night was really receptive and easily led into laughter. I’m very curious to see their reaction on other nights. I will say I did get misty-eyed a couple of times from seeing that my cast was making an audience so happy.

Please come see Eve’s Prayer, part of the New Ideas Festival, week 2. And, hey, don’t miss week 3 either. This is one of the few festivals in town that promotes original pieces from authors, and I think it’s important to nurture and support that.

Eve’s Prayer, New Ideas Festival 2011

March 11th, 2011 No comments

I am proud to be participating in this year’s New Ideas Festival. The show runs three weeks in March, with four new plays shown every week.

Come out every week. New Ideas always has great plays that show the true idea of “Small Theatre”, and a lot of people work very hard to make their piece come to life.

I am directing Eve’s Prayer, and am very excited at what my cast has done with their hard work and dedication and, most importantly, imagination I am excited to have helped the playwright, Kelsey Blair, begin the realisation of her piece on stage. I am really happy to have found a “natural” at stage managing with Shabiki Crane.

Eve’s Prayer, found by scrolling down a bit here. Running from March 16-19. Evening shows start at 8 p.m, a Saturday matinee starts at 2:30.

And a view from the director’s table, below.

View from the Director's table