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Rejection and Serendipity

September 28th, 2011 No comments

Well, after posting this, I did get fired from the show. By e-mail. I’m not saying the two are related. The producer still seems friendly, but he thinks a sexy girl will draw more crowds than a fat old man. Imagine!

And then I found this in my e-mail inbox from the lovely Dana Kaminski. Nothing like serendipity!

And then I found this passed along as part of a colleague’s Facebook stream!

It was a fun run in the show while it lasted. I’m sure Improvo Diablo will do great, it has a lot of talented people in it. And any producers looking for a clown luchador, you know where to find one!

El Santo Gordo

El Santo Gordo, by a fountain

Performing, the B*tch Goddess

September 15th, 2011 No comments

I go between performing and swearing off it for life in regular cycles. Right now I’m into a performing kind of mood.

Part of the reason I go off doing it is auditions. I hate them. You go through all kinds of prep for two minutes of time, and then EVERYONE says “Really good”, and then the cycle repeats. But a special part in my flames of torment, nestled deep in my heart, are cattle call auditions. My God. Can there be any clearer way to say to actors “You don’t matter?” Yeah, I know, efficiencies of scale and economy and large volume of applicants. It still sucks.

Improv and clown kind of get around that, in that there is a smaller pool of people doing it, so the unique you that is a performer can stand out more clearly. I blame myself for abandoning those routes.

Well, self-blame gets boring after a while, so I’ve stopped (for now) and throwing myself back into it. Let’s see where it ends up.

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August 11th, 2011 No comments

One of my favourite Canadian plays is “The Optimists”, by Morwyn Brebner. It examines life from what happens between four people in Las Vegas, in a funny philosophical way.

To me, the key question in the play (and one I don’t think gets answered, which is fine, the audience has to do some work on their own) is whether optimism is a viable choice in all life situations. Should you always try and find a ray of happiness somewhere no matter what is going on around you, or at some point is life better if you just say, “Fuck it, this all sucks, why am I bothering?”

For me, either point of view constantly is a sign of some mild form of mental illness. Especially if you’re middle-class and in possession of good health.

Maybe my Pochinko clown training expresses it best, when it says “A clown teaches us we always have hope.” Hope might be the adult expression of pure Pollyanna-like optimism, and I like it better than a line drawn between optimism and non-optimism. It acknowledges things might be shit right now, but keep trying, baby.

So. Let’s always keep hope alive.

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Big Arts Weekend

June 5th, 2011 No comments

There was so much stuff going on this weekend!

First of all was my improv boot camp class. It is rocking so much, and I have grown a lot as a performer doing it.

After class, I wandered around and took some photos. Doing that really relaxes me, both from the exercise and the joy of getting some killer photos.

Then of course was the Inspirato Festival. I saw the Blue Sound plays for the first time, and they were all really good. Some easier to understand than others, but all good.

Today was going to see “The Last Man on Earth” at the Toronto Festival of Clowns. I got an extra bonus in that I bumped into a friend and got to spend the show with her and a bit of a streetcar ride after. “The Last Man on Earth” was done by the same company who did “The Belle of Winnipeg”, and both of their productions have been brilliant.

Now it’s time to try and find my next participatory arts event. Watching is fun, but it’s more fun to do it.