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Last night I had the pleasure and privilege of performing with my classmates from the Kate Ashby Academy at the Lower Ossington Theatre.

Our group was EVERYONESMIRANDAPROV because, well, there is a woman named Miranda in our class, and…

What a charge it was. The audience was fantastic, my classmates were fantastic, the musical genius of the keyboardist was fantastic…so magical!

And the HIMANDHERPROV after was equally magical. (Well…maybe I’m biased a bit towards my class. He he.)

It was the most fun I’ve had doing improv since my days of being El Santo Gordo.

Does this make me want to start acting/improvising again? Honestly, from what I can tell, the average age of an improviser in this town is 20. Not so good for me. Acting is a possibility, but I want to start getting paid for it.

Some interesting decisions to make. Meanwhile, I still have a script in draft 11 that needs finishing.