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In The Coffee Shop

The coffee shop has paired up with an ice cream place.

When you walk in, you no longer smell coffee. Instead, sugar molecules move from floating in the air and rappel up your nose hairs so they can punch you in your olfactory nerves.

Walls of sugar everywhere. Donuts to the left, ice cream and “mix-ins” to the right.

Mix-ins. Do you like chocolate chips? Then add some to your ice cream. Gummy worms? Toasted almonds? Pretzels? Coconut? Alsatians fur? Spoo? Grommets? Mix it on in, mix it on in.

A row of young women, wanting to grow much older, wait in line for their turn, giggling and talking with each other in a language I do not care to learn.

I get my black coffee and a sundried tomato pesto mozzarella garlic chili bagel and sit here, feeling superior.