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Are You (Natto) Experienced?

April 8th, 2015 No comments

So, I’ve had this little tub of natto defrosted since Monday, but tonight was the night I swore I would eat it.

The traditional way is to make rice, put natto on top, add the flavouring packets from the natto package, top it all with a raw egg, and dig in. I am not feeling quite hardcore enough to do the egg, but I do make some good Japanese rice.


The package. It comes with a small packet of soy sauce, and an even smaller packet of mustard. And, of course, the delightful clump of fermented soy beans.

Also traditionally is the stirring up of the natto before you put it on the rice, which is supposed to bring out its flavour. But before that, I cautiously sniff the natto. People do say some nasty things about its aroma.

But for me, honestly, the main thing I got was a smell of coffee beans. MAYBE I’M GENETICALLY STRANGE IN MY NOSE SNIFFER CELLS


Before mixing. Look at those succulent strands, eh?


After mixing. The strands have gotten more numerous.


Well, enough avoiding the situation. Time to fix this up for eatin’. The yellow blob at the top of the photo is me not really doing a good job of pouring mustard from a tiny packet. The picture being sideways is the Internet reacting to the power of natto.

The soy sauce is, well, Japanese soy sauce. If you know Kikkoman, it’s very similar. The mustard is good, and a bit hot. Very much like any hot mustard you can buy off the shelves here.

So, the taste?

I won’t say it’s not strong flavoured. But, it’s not disgusting, either. It reminds me of another fermented soybean product, tempeh. In fact, I like it better than tempeh, because the fermented bits are smaller, there is seasoning and rice mixed in to make it more palatable, and I really do like this taste better than that of tempeh.

Would I eat it every night? No. It’s not a flavour right now that makes me want to do that. Would I buy it again? Sure would. It makes a quick, simple meal.

And the damn things do taste a bit like coffee beans, too. MY TASTE BUDS AND NOSE SNIFFER CELLS ARE OUT TO GET ME HELP

P.S. If you have a mustache, then wash your face after to avoid the embarrassing questions that would arise of why you smell like that.

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The Bathurst Experience Artist Date

April 5th, 2015 No comments

One of the principles of The Artist’s Way is the artist’s date, where you just go out by yourself and explore and do whatever the heck recharges you. Something I haven’t been doing enough of lately.

I wanted to get some Japanese food staples, so I decided to go down to Sanko on Queen Street West. Places like T&T have most of the stuff, and J-Town has all of the stuff, and Sanko is a bit pricier, but I am willing to forego a bit of a price premium for a huge convenience factor in getting there.

Also I wanted to go to Midoco. For some reason, I had a refill pack for a “liquid pencil”, but I didn’t have the pencil itself. Don’t ask…

So, first stop, Midoco. The staff there are great and helped me find the actual pencil that I was supposed to use. Then I stopped off at the Green Beanery to get a coffee and cookie, and try the new pencil out. Judgement: doesn’t work very well in my cheap spiral bound notebook, I will try it on all my notebooks and see if it’s a paper quality problem, or a pencil problem.

Then seeing Honest Ed’s right there, I thought I might as well go in. My fancy Alton Brown-inspired measuring tube had its seal go poof, and so I didn’t have a measuring device for cooking. Long story short, I also came out with some cool little stainless steel bowls with lids and a new pressure cooker in addition to the measuring cup.

You don’t have to spend money on artist dates, but it doesn’t hurt, either.

Then down to Queen and Bathurst. Went for lunch before shopping at Sweet Lulu’s. A bit pricey, but the shrimp and vegetables were fresh, and the Thai sauce with the ginger and lime leaf were very tasty.

Finally, off to Sanko. My main reason to go was to get some natto and see if I liked it or not. I remember having it and liking it, but then maybe it was not really natto, because apparently it is an acquired taste. So, I can say I had something that looked like natto and was all stringy like natto, but maybe it wasn’t the real deal.

Then back home to put all my frozen purchases in the freezer. A fine day and a fine artist date.


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Welcome Back

April 5th, 2015 No comments

Wow, one year since I’ve posted anything.

It’s been an interesting year in terms of personal life, which means a crappy year in terms of theatre life. Especially the unpaid type of theatre life.

Time to get back in the saddle, though.

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