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The Bathurst Experience Artist Date

April 5th, 2015 No comments

One of the principles of The Artist’s Way is the artist’s date, where you just go out by yourself and explore and do whatever the heck recharges you. Something I haven’t been doing enough of lately.

I wanted to get some Japanese food staples, so I decided to go down to Sanko on Queen Street West. Places like T&T have most of the stuff, and J-Town has all of the stuff, and Sanko is a bit pricier, but I am willing to forego a bit of a price premium for a huge convenience factor in getting there.

Also I wanted to go to Midoco. For some reason, I had a refill pack for a “liquid pencil”, but I didn’t have the pencil itself. Don’t ask…

So, first stop, Midoco. The staff there are great and helped me find the actual pencil that I was supposed to use. Then I stopped off at the Green Beanery to get a coffee and cookie, and try the new pencil out. Judgement: doesn’t work very well in my cheap spiral bound notebook, I will try it on all my notebooks and see if it’s a paper quality problem, or a pencil problem.

Then seeing Honest Ed’s right there, I thought I might as well go in. My fancy Alton Brown-inspired measuring tube had its seal go poof, and so I didn’t have a measuring device for cooking. Long story short, I also came out with some cool little stainless steel bowls with lids and a new pressure cooker in addition to the measuring cup.

You don’t have to spend money on artist dates, but it doesn’t hurt, either.

Then down to Queen and Bathurst. Went for lunch before shopping at Sweet Lulu’s. A bit pricey, but the shrimp and vegetables were fresh, and the Thai sauce with the ginger and lime leaf were very tasty.

Finally, off to Sanko. My main reason to go was to get some natto and see if I liked it or not. I remember having it and liking it, but then maybe it was not really natto, because apparently it is an acquired taste. So, I can say I had something that looked like natto and was all stringy like natto, but maybe it wasn’t the real deal.

Then back home to put all my frozen purchases in the freezer. A fine day and a fine artist date.


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Welcome Back

April 5th, 2015 No comments

Wow, one year since I’ve posted anything.

It’s been an interesting year in terms of personal life, which means a crappy year in terms of theatre life. Especially the unpaid type of theatre life.

Time to get back in the saddle, though.

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RIP Sweetie

April 23rd, 2014 No comments

I euthanized my cat today.

The vet did a home euthanasia, which made it that much less stressful for her. She was strong up to the end. And she taught me a lot more than I taught her.

RIP Sweetie. No more words.

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The Cat Abides

February 12th, 2014 No comments

Look, my cat is by no means 100% healthy. She has a bad leg which looks like it’s never going to heal properly.

But, her appetite is up, the litter box looks normal, and she is spending more time in the open. She is also seeking out to be petted more.

I was really planning to euthanize her last week. But now I don’t know. I don’t believe in letting animals suffer, but I don’t know how much she is now.

Wait and see? Because there is a lot of selfishness in me not wanting to lose my beloved cat.

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Cats are Tough

February 4th, 2014 No comments

So, I don’t know.

My cat has a bad leg, with a wound. Which I though was the cause of the bad leg, but the vet said it was a symptom. But basically I was told to bring her home and spoil her. Implying the end is near.

Except on Friday night her appetite sort of came back, and her wound seems to be slowly healing, and she stood on my chest this morning per usual to get breakfast service started.

She’s definitely not near 100%. So I guess I see what happens in the next few days and decide whether to go for euthanasia or not. I know she’s in pain, but how much?

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War Stories for World Theatre Day

March 27th, 2012 No comments

After reading this excellent post by Travis Bedard, I thought about it and decided sharing war stories might be fun.

War Story the First: I was playing Lollio in a production of The Changeling. On the first readthrough, the director said, “Don’t you think Lollio is stupid?” Since I’d read the script, I disagreed. That was the last character note I got for that production. I’m pretty sure I got blocking notes, though.

War Story the Second: I started off as a stage manager in theatre. We had an older gentleman in our cast as the Friar. One night he started out for the stage much too early. Everyone including me was whispering “No! No!” (I would have done more than whisper, but I was in the direct opposite wing.)
He got on stage. The other two actors stopped talking. All three looked at each other. The older gentleman exited again, and his entrance got covered with a “Yes, the Friar was just here” near the end of the scene.
After, he told us all, “I thought you were saying go, go!”

War Story the Third: I was in a production of The Seagull with what I will describe as a distracted director and some prima donnas. I got one whole character note from him for playing Shamrayev, which was “You are not stone.” Otherwise, he was expecting us to do a magical process where we would be an amazing ensemble cast and create a work of great beauty.
It was one of the few productions where I was dancing around backstage on closing night quietly singing “Fuck yes, it’s over!” But it’s also one of the few productions where at least some of the actors have actually remained in touch over the years.

I could go on. But that’s enough. Even I agree theatre is anachronistic. But it’s always enriched my life, sometimes in unexpected ways. Happy World Theatre Day!

A Love Letter

March 26th, 2011 No comments

Dear Past Self,

Mostly, fuck you.

Love, Present Self


March 18th, 2011 No comments


Sometimes food gets in the way, so I wolf it down as quickly as possible, to enjoy life. Then come the hiccups.

Sometimes food is a pleasure as well as sustenance, and I take it in moderately and gratefully.

Time to move to the second behaviour for all my meals.

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Motherly Concern

January 27th, 2011 No comments

My mother said I was looking tired. She worried that my theatrical endeavours might be too much for me.

I was too tired to come up with a comeback at the time, but I just made one tonight, ready for action.

“You can have a tired but happy son, or you can have a miserable, moping son who gets a lot of sleep because he’s bored. I know which one I’d pick.”

Naah, you’re right. I’ll never say it.

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Human beings

January 12th, 2011 No comments

Put on the headphones, leave the bank, turn on the GPS tracking exercise app.

It’s dirty cold out, but I’m lucky, the wind is at my back as I walk home.

People are out on the streets. Three joggers with blinking lights at their ankles. A man who nearly tips over as he stretches over a snowbank to put a piece of garbage into a city trash can. An impossibly handsome man standing at a bus shelter which is just one glass wall and a roof.

Dark and cold, with white icing. I stop to buy cat food because Ms. Fussy won’t eat what she has now. I pay and nod politely at the shop owner. Then back out into the cold to continue home, with the wind still at my back.

I get home. The cat is purring. I take off my winter gloves, hat, coat. Safe at home for another day. Time to feed Ms. Fussy.

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